Together Against Addiction

Together against addiction

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About Us

His Story

Mason Reilly Wein, Bug, Best, my brother, born in 1994 in Boulder, Colorado. He grew up in the middle of the woods outside of Nederland and went to Nederland High School and Chinook High School until he got his GED his junior year. He had a wild laugh that even he couldn't contain and a heart so big that he couldn't keep it from bursting out of his chest. He loved any kind of art form, The Grateful Dead, Sleeping, and helping people struggling with the same thing. At a relatively young age himself  he started experimenting with drugs and struggled for years going in and out of rehab to eventually die of a Heroin overdose. 

My Story

My name is Baeli (Barbara) Wein, I am 16 years old and go to school at Fairview High School. Earlier this year, after years of struggling, and despite being sober for over a year, my older brother Mason died of a heroin overdose. Since then I have decided to dedicate my time to helping people like him. 

Our mission

Our goal is to provide resources to people struggling with addiction, homelessness, mental illness, primarily. To do this we hope to provide free therapy resources, introductions to NA and AA meetings, community service, sober living, and so much more. As Well as helping the family's of these people as I know how hard it can be.

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